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Introducing Eve Callow, Psychic Medium

I am delighted to welcome Eve Cowell to our professional group of Psychic Mediums. We only have the best people to compliment our team of readers for Psychic Night Events! Choose to book in for Eve if you want to have a Mediumship Sitting or In Depth Psychic Consultation. You will love her warm energy and caring personality and of course enjoy connecting to your Spirit Guides
during your reading.

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In ancient India, ruby was called the “king of precious stones” for its rarity, hardness (second only to diamond), beauty and seemingly mystical powers. Long associated with the life force blood, ruby was a symbol of power and youthful energy in Indian jewelery. In past centuries, some believed this birthstone for July could predict misfortune or danger, and others claimed it would cure inflammatory diseases and soothe anger. Read more


What is the Summer Solstice?

The Summer Solstice marks Midsummers day where the number of hours of daylight are at their maximum, usually 21st June.

The word ‘solstice’ comes from the Latin words for sun (sol) and to stand (sistere). It’s the time of year when the position of the rising or setting ‘sun stands still’ in its movement along the horizon.  During the summer solstice, the earth’s axis is tilted at its closest point from the sun. This means that in the northern hemisphere, the sun is at its highest point in the sky. It’s also the longest day of the year – and the shortest night.

The sun’s position remains in pretty much the same place for a few days either side. For Neolithic people, sunlight would have been crucial – for warmth for them and their animals and for helping their crops to grow. Read more


The Strawberry Full Moon

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Pearls are thought to be one of the worlds oldest gemstones and are considered to be the gemstone of inner wisdom. They have huge healing energy and invite you to find your own balance and flow. Pearls are associated with good fortune, abundance, love and and innocence…

It is believed that people discovered pearls while searching for food near the seashores. Pearl jewelry fragments were found in Persian princess sarcophagus that dates around 400 BC. Chinese royalty wore pearls even earlier, around 2300BC. Those natural gems are considered as precious and in Rome, only the ruling class was allowed to wear Pearls.

During the 15th and 16th century, Pearls were one of the most lucrative import commodities in Western Europe. This period was known as “Pearl Age”, during this period demand for the Pearls was so high that suppliers of oyster dwindled. Royalty and nobility didn’t spare on money in order to put their hands on most beautiful pearl necklaces, earrings, brooches, and bracelets.

Her Majesty The Queen has traditionally worn pearls following family traditions. Pearls are a timeless trend statement—so timeless that Leslie Field, writer of The Queen’s Jewels, instructed People, “there has never ever been a Queen who did not use pearls.”

Queen Victoria created her own tradition on the custom in the 19th century. The monarch would give every of her daughters and granddaughters a solitary pearl on their birthday, so that by the time they turned 18 they had ample to fill out a strand. This motivated King George VI to present his daughter—the future Queen Elizabeth II—a platinum chain and a pair of pearls on every birthday.

Considering the long history, myths and legends it is understandable why people have adored Pearls since ancient time. Pearls are associated with many different meanings, healing benefits, and magical properties.

Until the 20th century, the only way to find and collect pearls was through diving to depths of 100ft where Pearl oysters were. It was one of the most dangerous jobs during that time period. Most of the gems found nowadays are cultured saltwater or freshwater Pearls, thanks to Kokichi Mikimoto for finding a way of creating cultured pearls.



Eleanor is a joy to speak to with her great sense of humour and natural compassion. Is this your destiny? Eleanor will illuminate your future and reveal the unexpected. Eleanor is a psychic medium who connects to spirit guides and is able to tell you information about you that could never be known or guessed. For an inspiring psychic reading please give Eleanor a Clairvoyant Call.


Monique is a natural clairvoyant with many psychic gifts. Monique will empathise with your situation and use psychic guidance to discover more about your love life, family, friendships and career. Monique uses many psychic tools to give you the best reading possible and is a very experienced psychic and medium. Monique is waiting for you call today.


Rory knew he was different as he could always see so much more than anyone would guess. He often wondered what it would be like to be normal. So what is normal? Rory thought about this question and puzzled over it, saying quietly to himself “Well I suppose it is being able to reason things through, have ambitions, be kind to people, sign up to society and make a contribution. That must be part of it. Falling in love? Now that is a different matter altogether, he thought.

Rory said out loud to himself “Is it normal to know that the most powerful sensation of my life is about to happen?” Rory fell silent again, deep in thought, anticipating the next chapter in his life. He knew she would soon be with him. He knew he needed some help. Was it time to re connect with this wonderful bright star, a soul captivated and entwined with his. He didn’t need his eyes to see her. He always used his inner visions, as this was his secret power after all, his ‘knowing’.

Rory’s mind was whirring round. The cogs were definitely churning as he wracked his brains to question; “So what can I see in my mind’s eye? Normally it is quite dark but today I can see a bright light. It is her. I am sure of it. I can sense her being quite petite with the most amazing smile and she will like to dance all the time. Perhaps the dancing will be in her eyes which are so bright and alert, so attractive and so very clever.” Rory hummed a tune as he visualised the dance floor.

“I’m dreaming again,” Rory said to himself,” It’s just my imagination playing tricks! But I do know something is in the air. I can feel it, almost taste it. Perhaps it is love. I know it.”

What he didn’t know was that he only had 6 minutes to live, unless Marguerita could reach him in time.

Rory was drifting and floating away in his imagination. He whispered faintly to no one in particular, ”this feels like butterflies are spinning around in my head. I feel as light as a feather, yet as solid as a lump of rock at the same time.” Rory heard a faint voice. It sounded a bit like a scream at first but then got quieter and quieter. Where is she?

Marguerita looked at her watch and began to panic. She knew she had to get to him. He was her soul mate. My ‘blue eyed boy’ she had always called him, but not in this life. In this life Rory had the most piercing blue eyes, but he was was blind.

Her destiny was to seek him out. Rory didn’t know she was on her way. He didn’t know she was so close to saving him and Rory didn’t know she was always in his dreams.

Marguerita rushed and pushed people out of the way as she almost ran down the corridor. Where is he. Where is his room. She used her senses to navigate the way. Marguerita ignored the strange looks from hospital staff and did not respond to the buzzer that was calling her to another patient. She had found him, across the oceans of time and burst into his room.

Marguerita took no notice of the stares and glares of disapproval but before anyone could stop her she reached out and held Rory’s hand. Come back she screamed in his ear. Come back to me. Marguerita knew that Rory would remember her. She kissed him with a kiss for life.

Rory was consumed with love from the most delicious kiss he had ever known. He opened his eyes and knew he had survived the most horrific crash. For the first time he could see and he could see her properly now. He felt normal, okay and amazing for just an ordinary guy with a new chance at life

Let’s dance, he said to Marguerita, we have a lifetime to share. Yes please, Blue Eyes. she replied.


E.L. Grace




Alexandra’s Secret

The train is late again, Alexandra thought, as she looked earnestly down the track. It was early in the morning and birds were singing joyfully, but the clouds were blue with moisture.

It will rain soon, said the lady next to her on the bench. Alexandra didn’t answer. She thought better of it. She could hear the annoying doubts racing through her mind but could not get to a conclusion about the biggest question. The question she could not answer.

“Don’t worry so much”, said the lady out of the blue, “Would you like a sweet? A bit of sugar can sometimes calm the nerves before a big day. Lemon sherbets are my favourites.”

Alexandra reluctantly took a sweet hoping that the lady would not interrupt her again. She decided on a blackcurrent fizz instead of the sherbet as it seemed more appropriate considering the day ahead, but Alexandra knew that you can not sugar coat what she had done.

Where is that train, she thought? The lady next to her opened a huge umbrella, just in time. “Come and shelter under here, with me. There’s enough room for two”.

Alexandra moved silently but quickly along the bench, hoping that the lady did not notice her state of undress.

She had killed him. No one would know, would they? Alexandra frowned at the memory and then dropped her head into her hands. He was her clandestine lover after all.

No one else was there. No one would know, would they? The same questions circled through her mind and she felt hot all of a sudden, then frantically moved away from the nice plump lady with the umbrella. Alexandra stood up. She wanted to be soaked to the skin in the rain. Perhaps she would see a rainbow as some sort of sign that it was all a dream really. Perhaps not. Alexandra reminded herself that she had her eyes open all the time. Did she love him, she questioned again?

The nice lady on the bench interrupted her thoughts as if she was telepathic, ‘the train will be here in a few minutes, there has been an announcement’.

Alexandra was lost in her thoughts and couldn’t really hear anything above the noise in her head. She remembered how she had fought and fought with him and just could not understand why he became so crazy. John had always been so quiet and unassuming, yet amazingly passionate and wow, what a lover!

The tears flowed in an endless stream, matching the rain tumbling down. Flashbacks from a few hours ago haunted her. Alexandra remembered their bodies entwined, the choking sensation, Johns hands around her neck and the knife. It felt so good before the panic set in and consumed her. Perhaps John is not dead, is that a rainbow in the sky?

He is dead, whispered the nice lady who suddenly stood beside Alexandra. You really do need to share my umbrella again.

How do you know, what do you mean? Alexandra spoke for the first time that morning. Not words, just a stutter. Who are you?

The nice lady replied ‘I met him briefly as he passed through. I held Johns hand to guide him on his way. I told him I would keep your secret.

Secret? Alexandra looked puzzled and distraught.

Your pact, to be together forever. You both decided.

The train arrived at the station but there was no one waiting on the bench or the platform.

‘Come with me’ said the nice plump lady. ‘You might like a lemon sherbet now’. She placed the sweet in Alexandra’s hand. It stopped raining.

We can go and see where John is now. Somewhere over that rainbow maybe?

Copywrite E.L. Grace 2021

Mrs Monday

Three small knocks on the hotel room door sounded her presence. The smooth surface emitted a hollow sound; it stood arrogantly between Jasmine and the man she thought was inside. Tentatively, she stood and waited a little longer. Raising a hand to her curled hair, she delicately felt for imperfections. She bounced and pronged it with her fingers, and looked around nervously to check, again, that she was alone. The red, worn carpet trailed off into shadow, and the wallpaper, at first glance blooming with colour, peeled quietly at the edges.

She tried once more. Her nails scratched the wood veneer and she jolted at the sound. Biting her lip, she wavered a little: her loose fist swayed in the air, unsure whether to land on the wood or settle back into the normal shape of itself.
Tom had told her to be there at 9.00pm, sharp. He was always very direct with her.Her eyes flickered down the hallway, left and right. He said he wouldn’t do this to her, not again. She opened her clutch, grabbed her phone and checked her messages: nothing new. The same instruction glared at her: “I’ll be in R45. Waiting for you. Get here soon.”

She felt her eyes become hot and wet. Blinking, heavily, they betrayed her confidence and a glistening tear escaped quickly down her cheek “He’s not coming, you know.”Jasmine jolted and looked around: a woman, not particularly out of the ordinary, stood in front her.

“Sorry? Do I know you?”
Mrs Monday’s sea green eyes set amidst a strikingly red bob. “No, you don’t know me, love. I saw you. I’m on my way down, but you look – you look… I knew you weren’t yourself.”
Jasmine touched her cheek: felt it burning on her skin of her fingers. She scanned her eyes over the woman, “I’m not sure what this looks like, but I’m OK. My friend’s not… he’s not in.”
“Hmmm. No, he’s not. He probably never will be,” she said, cocking her head to one side and examining Jasmine’s face. “Is it Tom you’re waiting for?”

Jasmine’s head shot up; prongs of curls darted in front of her eyes, and she reached to push them back. There was no way… did she know her from somewhere? From work? Jasmine quickly ran through her week: she couldn’t recall her face from the doctor’s surgery she was in charge of. She definitely didn’t know her in any other way.

“You don’t know me, love.” The woman said, quietly. “Just like he doesn’t know you.”
Wisps of soft hair sat dutifully around the lady’s cheeks. She had an older face, lined with years of burden and secrets. A playful smile crept across her face.
“I’m going on my way now, lovely. As you should. There’s nothing for you in there.”
Jasmine gripped her bag a bit harder, felt herself become unsteady.
How foolish, she thought. She felt utterly stupid to be here, again, waiting for him. In that moment, a fierce anger bubbled inside her belly. Her brow narrowed and her teeth pulled against the inside of her lip.

She would leave now, she told herself. Tilting her chin upwards, and inhaling sharply through her nose, she strode away, towards the shadows at the end of the hallway. Walking with pace and purpose, she dragged her nails along the wallpaper, red and yellow blooms disintegrating easily under her light scratch.

She did not look back from the shadows, but turned, defiantly, into the dark.