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The Strawberry Full Moon

Supermoons are typically defined as any full moon situated at a distance of at least 90% of  the point where the moon is nearest Earth.  Moon lovers should point their gaze in the southeast direction after sunset as the strawberry moon lifts up over the horizon.

Spiritual Meaning

Because this full moon hits right around the middle of the year, it’s a beautiful time to look back at what we’ve accomplished over the past six months and focus on clearing our slates for the latter half of the year. Spend some time reflecting on the last six months and take stock of where you’re at with each of them. This full moon’s spiritual meaning can help to re-energise our focus toward our larger-scale dreams and aspirations.

Allow it to boost your sense of confidence and help you to view our life from a bigger-picture perspective. Aim high and meditate on a visualisation that enhances your life and allows you to step into your power. Consider ways you can bring yourself closer to a new and exciting potential – you may decide to go out on a limb and try something completely different!  The adventure-seeking aspects of the Sagittarius full moon this June inspires us to go for our ambitions and trust that we can land on our feet, even if we take a risk.

The magic of this year’s Strawberry Moon is that it reminds us that life can be sweet, and that the seeds we sow will eventually ripen into delightfully nourishing gems. The sun is shining, the Strawberry Moon is rising, and our lives are ripe with possibility