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Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future


Introducing Eve Callow, Psychic Medium

I am delighted to welcome Eve Cowell to our professional group of Psychic Mediums. We only have the best people to compliment our team of readers for Psychic Night Events! Choose to book in for Eve if you want to have a Mediumship Sitting or In Depth Psychic Consultation. You will love her warm energy and caring personality and of course enjoy connecting to your Spirit Guides
during your reading.

Eve has many years of experience working within the Spiritualist Church, delivering Platform Readings to audiences and working Internationally as a well regarded Psychic Medium.

Eve uses various Psychic Skills during her readings and links to Spirit Guides, connecting with loved ones passed and sharing the psychic sense of a loved one, with you.

Mediumship Readings are powerful and can evoke emotional responses when information that could never be known or guessed is shared with you.

Book in for Eve at an Eleanor Grace Psychic Event near you