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Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future


Cancer – 25th November

General Outlook Weekly

The conjunction between the Sun and Mars continues to move through Sagittarius. This conjunction forms a difficult aspect to your planetary ruler, the Moon in the early part of the week which may cause a bit of an emotional upset. You may find that your patience is a bit thin and those that challenge you may find that you are quite sharp.

Love and Romance

You may be aware of some changes taking place within your relationship. You may not be all that happy about them, but you may not be in a position do much about them. That is of course assuming you want to preserve the relationship. If you don’t, then there are other options. The choice is yours as to which way you want to go.

Prosperity & Opportunity 

This is not a good time for you take on new contractual agreements as you may not be getting what you think . If you do sign any new contracts, then make sure you get the appropriate advice or at the very least read the small print. You may find progress is difficult to make where your ideas and projects are concerned. It may be that an authoritative figure or institution prove to be difficult.

Phases of the Moon

Full Moon: Taurus, Monday 27th November  Make a plan today…

Waning Moon: Scorpio, Monday 13th November    Reflect on your progress…

New Moon: Aquarius, Monday 20th November Make a new start today…

Waxing Moon: Taurus,  Taurus, Monday 27th November Time to set new intentions…

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Eleanor Grace Psychic Destiny Team



Sun in Sagittarius.

Mercury in Sagittarius.

Venus in Libra

Mars In in Scorpio until 25th then Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Taurus all month.

Mercury in Sagittarius.


Gemstone – Citrine for November


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