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Illuminatingyour future
Revealingthe unexpected

Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future

Eleanor Grace on Sky 680 and Psychic Today App

Hi , Hello and How are you?

My recent adventure with Psychic Today as a new Studio Psychic is going really well. The show is live and interactive with lots of interesting topics to discuss and some great presenters to work with on the show.Watch live on Sky TV Channel 680, or download the Psychic Today App and stream on your smartphone, tablet or computer. I will be giving you as much Psychic Guidance as possible in response to your messages and your calls.
You can see me live in the studio every week and call me too on 0190 891 9009. My pin number for calls is 7003

Crystal Ball Workshop – on screen soon

I am recording a workshop feature as well which is all about the Crystal Ball and how it can be used in layered readings with psychic cards and pendulum’s. This is a fascinating example of how a clairvoyant can ‘see’ with the Ball and how you can take a peek or two into the future!

Podcast with Paul Miles – Eleanor Grace talks about Fate OR Destiny

Its funny you said that because…… that just happened to me! This is a phrase so often used by clients during a psychic reading. I discuss topics of Coincidences, Serendipity, Fated Meetings and explore the power of the mind. Is it ‘meant to be’ or should we be empowering ourselves to take control of our decisions and act on them?

Facebook Live – Mediumship 

Messages come through for viewers who can ask questions about loved ones in Spirit or Tarot Card answers about Love here on Earth.

Psychic Readings bring you insight, guidance and maybe some messages from spirit guides too. Psychic tools of Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls, Pendulum, Psychic Cards and more are used in combination with natural clairvoyance and psychic powers. Find out about your future and who is going to mean so much to you with a Love Reading or discover your career opportunities with an energised Tarot & Angel Reading.

Check out the show for more live chats with me, free readings from your text messages and live workshops. So speak soon and

I will update you with more details on here, on twitter and on facebook

Eleanor x