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A little more insight can be found here…


A little more insight can be found here…

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychic Nights, Psychic Readings, Clairvoyant Calls, Holistic Events


What is a psychic night?

Our Psychic Nights provide a different type of entertainment evening at a pub venue local to you. Our professional Psychic Readers, Clairvoyants and Mediums give personal psychic readings. All our psychic readings are given individually and are confidential.

What time does it start?

Psychic Nights start early at 5pm and continue until 10pm.Our venue manager will book you in with a clairvoyant reader.

Can I pre-book a time?

There is no need to pre-book a time as our venue manager will allocate time slots at the event. There is an average waiting time of 10 minutes upon arrival which is just enough time to relax before your reading. If you have a large party of 6 people or more then please contact us by email or through face book.

Can I choose my psychic reader?

Yes. Many people want the clairvoyant that they feel drawn towards.

How many Clairvoyants will be there?

Between 3 and 6 mediums depending on the venue.

Can I buy crystals or other products?

No. Products are available at Holistic Events shown here

Is there an admission fee or do I buy a ticket?

No. At Psychic Night you pay for your reading only.

How much are the readings?

Please see our standard price list which is displayed here or on our leaflet which is available at the pub venue. Exclusive offers can be seen in our News section.

Can I pay by card?

Yes. Payment is by debit or credit card. Cash payments are also accepted.

Is this an Evening of Clairvoyance?

No. An Evening of Clairvoyance is when a Psychic Medium gives spirit messages or clairvoyant information to an audience. These events are ticket only and booked in advance.

Psychic Readings

What is the difference between psychic information and clairvoyance?

Psychic information covers the enquirers past, present and future.

Clairvoyance gives more in – depth information and describes the ability to ‘see’ with clarity.

What is a spirit medium?

When a soul passes into spirit, a ‘medium’ attempts connections with the afterlife. Messages are often received and given to loved ones.

How do you see in the crystal ball?

Crystal Ball ‘scrying’ is an ancient skill which is passed down through the generations. Clairvoyants and psychics develop their abilities over many years.

What is psychometry?

An object such as a watch, ring or scarf can be held to detect psychic information.

What is Psychic Sixth Sense?

We all have psychic senses which are termed as intuition or instinctive feelings. The sixth sense is a heightened psychic awareness which are abundant in gifted clairvoyants and mediums.

What are Cosmic Orders?

A Cosmic Order allows you to focus on your hopes wishes and dreams for your future.

Can I see my Angel Spirit Guides

A psychic medium can connect to angel spirits who guide and protect us through life. Angels are rarely seen but their presence is felt and shared with love.

Why are psychic readings for ‘entertainment’ only?

The law says that all psychic services are provided as an ‘experiment’ and must be considered ‘for entertainment purposes only’. Remember – we all have free will to make our own decisions based on the choices that life presents to us.

Clairvoyant Calls

Designer Readings

What is a designer reading?

Our Designer Clairvoyant Calls have been created to provide you with our most popular selection of psychic readings.

Is this a telephone reading?

Yes. Our Designer Readings are only available by telephone.

What is your Five Minute guarantee?

All our designer psychic readings carry a Five Minute guarantee to make sure you have the right connection with your psychic reader. You can switch to another reader or request a full refund if you are not completely happy. Applicable to the first five minutes only. Terms and conditions apply.

Can I have a clairvoyant call at a psychic night?

No. Clairvoyant calls are designed to provide you with a psychic reading by telephone.

Can I have the same clairvoyant that I have seen at your Psychic Nights?

Yes. You can choose your psychic reader by selecting their pin number.

How much is it?

Our designer readings prices are displayed on our Clairvoyant Calls page.

How do I pay?

By debit or credit card. Our receptionist will take your payment details securely. When we are very busy you will be directed to our automated payment facility.

When are clairvoyant calls available?

This is a service which is available 24/7. Our most popular clairvoyant mediums are usually online from 5pm in the evenings.

Premium Readings

What are premium readings?

Our premium readings are available 24/7 from psychic readers.

Is this a telephone reading?

Yes. Our Premium Readings are only available by telephone and are charged per minute.

How much is it?

Call charges are displayed on our Clairvoyant Calls page/ Premium readings

How do I pay?

The Premium Readings are paid for by phone and charged to your bill. Terms and Conditions apply.

How often can I phone back for another reading?

As often as you would like to.

What is the text ‘Grace’ service?

‘Text a psychic’ – our new service to answer your most pressing questions from a psychic medium. Terms and conditions apply.

Holistic Events

What is a Holistic Event?

Mind, Body and Spirit exhibitions for the whole being.

Is this a psychic fayre?

No. Our Holistic events are usually bigger than a psychic fayre with diverse attractions, exhibitors and entertainers.

How do I buy tickets?

Ticket details will be displayed on our web site news.

Will Eleanor Grace be available to see?

Yes. Performances and psychic readings will be available from Eleanor.

Will there be psychic readings?

Yes. Guest Mediums and internationally famed clairvoyants and psychic readers will be available.

Will there be the same clairvoyants?

Yes. Your favourite clairvoyants and mediums will be available. Details of readers and presenters will be displayed on our web site news.

Will there be goods to buy?

Yes. A range of holistic products can be purchased.

Will there be treatments and therapies available?

Yes. Experienced and qualified practitioners can provide treatments.

I am a stallholder. Can I exhibit at your next event?

Please contact us with your details here.

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