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Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future


22nd December to 20th January


22nd December to 20th January


Capricorn – Week 4, 27th August

Sun in Leo until 24th August, then Virgo

General Outlook

The sun has moved through the fire sign of Leo and into the more earthbound and practical sign of Virgo. This is a fortunate time for you, and you may find that you have a stroke of good luck. However, it is more likely to be because of your past endeavours. Intellectually you’re likely to be quite sharp even to the point of being cutting which may get you into conflict with others.

Love and Romance

You may feel distant and removed from those around you, even to the point of being cold. You may feel that other people may also be avoiding you when in reality they think they are giving you the space that you want. If you feel isolated and your love life, you may well decide to look for somewhere else for excitement which can lead you on some interesting journeys.

Prosperity & Opportunity

This is time for big thinking and big plans. It may also be the culmination of past ideas coming together. As with all big plans and big thinking there is big risk, and your ideas may be too big to be practical and need to be re-evaluated and perhaps pared back to a more realistic scale. More positively this can be a very good time for contractual negotiations.

Phases of the Moon

Waxing Moon:   5th August in Scorpio, Time to set your intentions…

Full moon:          12th August in Aquarius, Make a wish today…

Waning Moon:    19th August in Taurus, Reflect on your progress…

New Moon:        27th August in Leo, Make a new start today…


Venus in Cancer until the 12th and then Leo.

Mars In Taurus until 21st August and then Gemini.

Jupiter in Aries all month. Yippee! Go Go Go….

Gemstone for August – Peridot

The ancient Romans wore peridot rings in battles as it symbolized strength and provided protection against the enemies.

Conversely, the ancient Egyptian priests ground the stone into a powder before mixing it with potent drinks to be used in ceremonies as they believed that drinking this concoction would bring them closer to nature. Peridot is regarded as a powerful detoxifying agent. The stone is also thought to improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, strengthen the immune system and boost digestion. It also has the ability to eliminate stress and dispel apathy and exhaustion.

In modern times, wearing peridot jewelry can help increase financial solidity and contentment in your life. The stone is widely associated with prosperity, loyalty, love, honesty, faithfulness, and optimism. The notion that it reduces stress and eliminates negative thinking, can help enhance harmony, particularly in marriages and other human relationships. Essentially, experts in gemstone significance suggest that the stone can prevent jealousy and anger in relationships.

Furthermore, peridot can also help improve mental health and boost spiritual wellness. It is associated with the heart chakra, also green, and wearing it close to the heart is said to cleanse it of negative emotions, leaving the wearer feeling light, blissful and ready to love.


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