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Illuminatingyour future
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Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future



General Outlook Weekly

Week 1

Your mood is likely to quite upbeat and generally positive. this is a great time for you to get out and about and connect with friends that you haven’t seen in a while. You may feel more confident then you generally do and be prepared to take a bit more of a chance on life than you do ordinarily. So, if you’ve been hiding away through the winter, now is the time to come out.

Week 2

If you haven’t already been thinking about getting away, then perhaps now is the time. If there is somewhere that you have always wanted to go, perhaps to the pyramids in Egypt then maybe now is the time for you to do it. This is a good time for you to expand your horizons both intellectually and physically.

Love and Romance

Week 1

Emotionally this is quite a good time for you. You may feel that you want to be a little bit more daring when it comes to your love life. You could also be up for trying new things in the bedroom, making your love life a little more exciting and interesting. You could also feel the need for more freedom within your relationship and want to have your own space.

Week 2

You may well find you have genuine empathy for someone who is in a difficult position at the moment. Being practical by nature, you are likely to want to help. You may also find yourself escaping off into a little romantic fantasy world even if it is just for a short while. This can be very warm and loving time for you and your partner and you may feel the need to be emotionally close.

Prosperity & Opportunity 

Week 1

You are likely to be looking at the bigger picture, that’s not to say that you won’t be paying attention to the detail. This is really a time for horizon scanning and blue sky thinking. Having said that, any plans that you are making for future are likely to be quite detailed meticulous in their detail. You will also be conscious of past mistakes and be keen not to repeat them.

Week 2

Your planetary ruler Mercury forms a conjunction with the planet of change Uranus. This can be quite an exciting time with ideas and thoughts coming and going quite quickly. You may well find yourself attracted to any new technology or ideas. You may well find yourself quite stimulated intellectually and want to know more.

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Phases of the Moon

Full moon: Libra Thursday 6th April     Make a plan today…

Waning Moon: Capricorn Thursday 13th April,    Reflect on your progress…

New Moon: Aries Thursday 20th April  Make a new start today…

Waxing Moon: Cancer, Thursday 27th April  Time to set new intentions…


Sun in Aries until 21st April, Then Taurus.

Mercury in Aries until 4th April, then Taurus.

Venus in Taurus until 12th April and then Gemini

Mars In Cancer all month.

Jupiter in Aries all month.

Gemstone – DIAMONDS

Aprils gemstone is diamond. Always a girls best friend!

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