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Scorpio – 11th November

General Outlook Weekly

There is a good deal going on with you right now. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all moving through your sign. This is your time in the year to shine, to stand out from the crowd and enjoy the spotlight. However, it may not all go your way. The new Moon on the 13th, also falls in your sign, making this a good time for you to start something new. External events may play a part in shaping your week, especially if you are feeling tired of the same routine.

Love and Romance

Your planetary ruler, Pluto forms a positive aspect to the goddess of love, Venus. This is a strong indication that your sex drive will be more in evidence than usual, and your emotions are likely to heightened too. There will be a certain level of intensity that perhaps you have experienced when it comes to emotions and the physical expression of your love.

Prosperity & Opportunity 

You may find yourself in direct conflict with someone close to you if you are feeling that you have been held back or restricted in some way. Intellectually you will be quite sharp. You have a natural ability to wound with words and you know how to use them to great effect. This is one of those times when you may feel the need to make your point and then ram it home some.

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Phases of the Moon

Full moon: Leo, Sunday 5th November   Make a plan today…

Waning Moon: Scorpio, Monday 13th November    Reflect on your progress…

New Moon: Aquarius, Monday 20th November Make a new start today…

Waxing Moon: Taurus, Monday 27th November         Time to set new intentions…


Sun in Scorpio until 23rd November, then Sagittarius.

Mercury in Sagittarius.

Venus in Libra

Mars In in Scorpio until 25th then Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Taurus all month.


Gemstone – Citrine for November


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