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Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future



General Outlook Weekly

Week 1

This is a great time for you to catch up with friends old and new. If you have any social plans coming up then you are likely to enjoy the time spent with those you care about. Generally speaking you are likely to feel quite optimistic and upbeat about life. If there is something that you have on your bucket list, but have never had the courage to do it, maybe now you will feel like taking the challenge on.

Week 2

There are a couple of things that are happening this week. The first is that your planetary ruler Venus moves into your fellow air sign of Gemini. In turn this forms a challenging aspect to Saturn and a positive aspect to Pluto. On the one hand in may feel somewhat distant or removed from loved ones and on the other hand experience emotions on a much deeper and more intense level.

Love and Romance

Week 1

Your planetary ruler Venus has been in close aspect to the planet of change, Uranus. You may have been looking for some excitement in your love life and freedom to express yourself. You may well be open to some new ideas or experimentation where you relationship is concerned, But you should take care as it may not turnout the way you think it will.

Week 2

The Venus/Saturn aspect is likely to focus your mind on the more practical elements of a relationship and appreciate the practical things those close to you do for you on a day-to-day basis. The Venus/ Pluto element brings a much more intense feeling to your personal and intimate relationships. Your sex drive is also likely to be stimulated and use this as an expression of your emotion for your partner. Conversely if you do not have a partner, you may find the inner drive do you have needs to be satisfied.

Prosperity & Opportunity 

Week 1

In some ways this is a time of when your ideas and projects come to there culmination. That does not mean to say that other people will readily accept your progress and ambition. You should take care not to cross your superiors or those in authority. If you do, you may find their opposition difficult to fight against.

Week 2

You may have lots of ideas coming into your mind and going out, sometimes so quickly that you will not have the time to think about them. if you have been feeling curtailed or trapped in your working life, you may start to think about how you can achieve more freedom and move into a position where you have more control to be able to decide what it is you want to do and when you want to do it.

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Phases of the Moon

Full moon: Libra Thursday 6th April     Make a plan today…

Waning Moon: Capricorn Thursday 13th April,    Reflect on your progress…

New Moon: Aries Thursday 20th April  Make a new start today…

Waxing Moon: Cancer, Thursday 27th April  Time to set new intentions…


Sun in Aries until 21st April, Then Taurus.

Mercury in Aries until 4th April, then Taurus.

Venus in Taurus until 12th April and then Gemini

Mars In Cancer all month.

Jupiter in Aries all month.

Gemstone – DIAMONDS

Aprils gemstone is diamond. Always a girls best friend!

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