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Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future



Sun in Libra until 24th October, then Scorpio.

General Outlook

29th October to 5th November

This is not the best time for you to take on any authority figures whether it is your boss or an institution. In either case you are not likely to come out of it on top. You may find the limitations that authority places around you difficult to accept but challenging them is not likely to produce a positive result and you would be better picking the battles that you can win.

Love and Romance

29th October to 5th November

Your sex drive and interest in intimacy is likely to be stronger. You may well feel sexier in yourself and want to express these feelings outwardly. So, if you’re looking for a new relationship whether it’s just for now or longer term, you may well find it quite easy to attract someone to you. If you’ve been thinking about investing in some daring outfit, perhaps now is the time.

Prosperity & Opportunity

29th October to 5th November

If there are elements of your life or environment that you want to change now is a good time for you to make those changes. You will be able to make them without too much opposition as you will use your charm and subtlety to great effect. You may also put quite a lot of time effort and energy into gaining control over other people however it is not wise to use this position solely for your own benefit.

Phases of the Moon

Full moon:         9th October in Aries,  Make a wish today…

Waning Moon:   17th October in Cancer,  Reflect on your progress…

New Moon:     25th October in Libra,  Make a new start today…

Waxing Moon:  2nd October in Sagittarius, Time to set your intentions…


Mercury in Virgo until 12th, then Libra.

Venus in Libra until 24th then Scorpio.

Mars in Gemini all month.

Jupiter in Aries until 29th, then Pisces.

Gemstone for November- Topaz

Topaz has many attributes when it comes to aiding one’s physical health. It has been said to work with the spinal column and help steady and regulate the action of the heart. It has been used to treat bleeding and works to promote health in the glandular systems of the body. It is highly recommended for those who wish to improve their eyesight. In earlier times, topaz was believed to be able to actually absorb the heat of a fever. Topaz has also long been believed to ease the inflammations, discomfort and pain associated with arthritis. It is used in India to treat tonsillitis, whooping cough, and mumps. Topaz is also useful for treating infections, deafness, goiter, hemorrhage, gout, circulatory problems, and nightmares. It aids in achieving good digestion, combating anorexia, restoring the sense of taste, stimulating metabolism and more. Furthermore, men are believed to become more virile when wearing topaz.
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