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Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future



General Outlook Weekly

Week 1

You are likely to be feeling quite optimistic generally. You may well have interesting ideas and be more prepared than usual to take a gamble. As with all gambles, if you win that’s great but if you lose you have to be prepared to take the loss. If you find yourself in this situation, you should exercise some caution and not risk everything on the roll of the dice.

Week 2

Intellectually you are likely to be quite sharp, even to the point of being aggressive. Obviously, this can lead you into difficult situations and arguments with those that disagree with your views and opinions. Your imagination is likely to be working overtime with lots of ideas coming and going sometimes without the opportunity to actually think about them properly.

Love and Romance

Week 1

You may find that you have moments of romantic idealism that take you away from the day to day existence. If you have a fantasy that you want to play out, perhaps now is the time for you to see about making it happen. If you are feeling a little restricted in your love life you may decide that you want some more freedom to be who you want to be.

Week 2

Venus moves into your sign this week and forms a positive aspect to Pluto. This aspect often denotes a time when your emotions will be much stronger and more intense than normal. Your sexual desire is likely to be stimulated and whatever feelings you have for those close to you will be much stronger and you will express those through your desires.

Prosperity & Opportunity 

Week 1

Your planet ruler Mercury forms positive aspects to both Saturn and Mars. You are likely to be doing a good deal of thinking and talking about your ideas and projects. Some of these are likely to be quite grand scale not to mention optimistic. However, the realism of Saturn will keep you grounded Stop you wandering too far from the beaten path.

Week 2

Your planetary ruler Mercury forms a conjunction with the planet of change Uranus. You are likely to feel very awake and engaged in the world perhaps more so than at other times. If there has been an old problem hanging around that you haven’t been able to solve, this is a good time for you to revisit it as you may come up with an unusual solution to the problem.

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Phases of the Moon

Full moon: Libra Thursday 6th April     Make a plan today…

Waning Moon: Capricorn Thursday 13th April,    Reflect on your progress…

New Moon: Aries Thursday 20th April  Make a new start today…

Waxing Moon: Cancer, Thursday 27th April  Time to set new intentions…


Sun in Aries until 21st April, Then Taurus.

Mercury in Aries until 4th April, then Taurus.

Venus in Taurus until 12th April and then Gemini

Mars In Cancer all month.

Jupiter in Aries all month.

Gemstone – DIAMONDS

Aprils gemstone is diamond. Always a girls best friend!

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