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Sun in Libra until 24th October, then Scorpio.

General Outlook

29th October to 5th November

The sun moved on from the air sign of Libra last week and in the watery depths of Scorpio. The change of sign brings with it a change of energy from the intellectual to the darker side of our personalities that we prefer to keep hidden. Jupiter moves from your sign back in Pisces on the 29th, taking with it the beneficial aspects of expansion too.

You may well find yourself in direct conflict with other people this week as your patience is likely to be short. Other people may challenge you on what you have said or done previously as you are called to account. Your energy levels are likely to be quite high and will have little tolerance for those you perceive to be holding you back.

Love and Romance

29th October to 5th November

Venus, the planet of desire is also moving through Scorpio. If you are looking for a relationship, you are more likely to be attracted to people that are intense, perhaps bordering on the naughty side of the line. You own desires are likely to be quite strong and will want to experience emotions on a deeper level.

If you are in relationship at the moment, this is a time when you can consolidate it. Your own needs are not likely to conflict with those of the relationship and all decisions will be based on realistic expectations. You are unlikely to enter into a new relationship under a romantic illusion, you will be quite aware of what you are doing and have a good understanding of the situation as a whole.

Prosperity & Opportunity

29th October to 5th November

Intellectually you are likely to be quite sharp, to the point of being cutting as you will want to move forward with your ideas and projects. Obviously, this approach can lead you into conflict with other people. There could be alternative approaches that may deliver better results as you may not come out victorious in direct conflict.

If you have strong career ambitions, you are likely to be strongly motivated to go after your dreams with little regard as to who you trample on to achieve them. If you are comfortable in your own skin, you will be able to make some strides forward; if you are unsure of yourself, then you could well find that you are confronted with some sort of crisis in any one of a number of areas, however it may well not be the ones you expect.

Phases of the Moon

Waxing Moon:  2nd October in Sagittarius, Time to set your intentions…

Full moon:         9th October in Aries,  Make a wish today…

Waning Moon:   17th October in Cancer,  Reflect on your progress…

New Moon:     25th October in Libra,  Make a new start today…


Mercury in Virgo until 12th, then Libra.

Venus in Libra until 24th then Scorpio.

Mars in Gemini all month.

Jupiter in Aries until 29th, then Pisces.

Gemstone for November- Topaz

Topaz has many attributes when it comes to aiding one’s physical health. It has been said to work with the spinal column and help steady and regulate the action of the heart. It has been used to treat bleeding and works to promote health in the glandular systems of the body. It is highly recommended for those who wish to improve their eyesight. In earlier times, topaz was believed to be able to actually absorb the heat of a fever. Topaz has also long been believed to ease the inflammations, discomfort and pain associated with arthritis. It is used in India to treat tonsillitis, whouping cough, and mumps. Topaz is also useful for treating infections, deafness, goiter, hemorrhage, gout, circulatory problems, and nightmares. It aids in achieving good digestion, combating anorexia, restoring the sense of taste, stimulating metabolism and more. Furthermore, men are believed to become more virile when wearing topaz.
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