Scorpio – Week Ahead plus Valentines Month of February

Week Ahead for 10th to 17th February

The energy of Mars is about to show up in your house of relationships. This may well result in some conflicts with those that you are closest to. This may include colleagues and business partners too. Compromise is not something that you will be prone to at this time and any conflicts are likely to escalate quickly.

This is a good time for you get together with your siblings or neighbours and let your hair down, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. You may find that you are doing a fair bit of running round the local area this week too.

Month Ahead for February

It’s all about talking to people this month.

Planetary Movements

Sun starts the month in your house of domesticity until the 18th when it moves into your 5th house of fun. This is a good month for getting out into the world having a good time.

The new Moon in your house of communication at the start of the month. This is a good time for you to open up new lines of communication.

Mercury focus’s your mind on your local area from the 2nd week on. You will be talking quite a lot of short trips around your neighbourhood.

Venus makes the transit into your 3rd house at the start of the month. There is likely to be a lot of talk, not necessarily about anything in particular.

Mars moves into your house of relationships from mid-month from the more work related 6th house. This will bring all relationships to the fore.

Love and romance

Your planetary rule Pluto and Venus move in close aspect for the last week of this month. This has the potential to be quite a powerful transit. You may find that you attracted to someone who offers something more intense and powerful. If you are looking for an escape form the day to day routine, then you may find yourself in the middle of a whirlwind, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. As this may be a transient liaison, it could cause an upset that have longer lasting effects.

From the 18th, the Sun moves into your 4th solar house of fun. This is a time when you will want to be out in the world having a good time. You will have the confidence to express yourself freely and be who you want to be. If you are single and looking for someone new, then is a good time for you to find them as you will stand out from the crowd. This is not a time when you will be satisfied with the ordinary, you will want the whole performance, the drama of romance.

Prosperity and opportunity

The creative energy of Mars resides in your house of work for the first two weeks of the month before moving in your house of relationships. These first two weeks are the perfect time for you to push your ideas forward and make things happen for you at work. You may be asked to take on new responsibilities or additional work which will give the opportunity to show your colleagues what you can do.

There is a difficult aspect in the third week between the Sun and your planetary ruler Pluto which could bring a major upset in your working life. You are extremely resourceful when you need to be and this is likely to be one of those times. If you see the situation as black and white, which is your usual default position, then this may compound the challenge you face. If you can use your natural charm, may find the negative aspects of this transit are minimised. As the beneficial Jupiter is moving through your house of personal wealth and security, any negative impact is likely to be minimised.

General outlook

You will be on the go throughout the month. This is not a time when you can sit back and put your feet up. When the pace gets too much, you need to take yourself out of the tempo and take some time for you. There will be a lot of discussions with friends and families who will be a useful source of information. The new Moon at the start of the month is a good time for you to open up the lines of communication with brother and sisters, especially if you haven’t been in touch for a while.

You will doing lots of travelling around the local area, lots of shorts journeys. Take care to leave enough time to get where you need to be as there is a risk of a minor accident happening in your haste.