PISCES HOROSCOPE FOR MAY plus week ahead 10th to 17th May

Pisces – Weekly stars from 10th to 17th May

 Perhaps you’ll take up a new hobby this week?

Venus starts her transit through your 3rd solar house this week, making it a great time for you to get together with friends and neighbours just because you can. In a broader sense, you are not likely to be interested in getting into heavy debates about the why’s and wherefores. You may find that you appreciate your day to day environment more and see the beauty in everyday things.

Mars also changes position this week and moves into your house of fun, the 5th solar house. This is a time when you may decide to take up a new hobby or past time.

Last week – Party time!

The week starts on a positive note and you may have some good fortune connected to your career as there is a positive aspect between Mars and Jupiter. As Venus still resides in your house of personal security, you may be tempted to splash out a little regardless of whether you can afford it or not. The conjunction between Mercury and Uranus in your 3rd solar house can bring you an unexpected insight, especially of you are connected to communications of any form. If you are flexible in your thinking, you may be able to capitalise on the opportunity and make the most of it.





Planetary Movements

Money matters on your mind with a boost to finances on the horizon.

The Sun has started its transit through Taurus and your 3rd solar house of communications. It stays there until 21st of the month, when it moves into your 4th solar house when your energies will be directed more into your domestic environment.

New moon, 4th May in Taurus sign makes it a good time for starting any new projects connected to your local community. Full Moon, on 18th May in Scorpio, is a time to draw projects to a close, especially around your higher education or travel.

Mercury enters your 3rd solar house on the 5th, then Gemini on the 21st until the end of the month. Thoughts and conversations are likely to be connected to brothers and sisters.

Venus in Aries until the 15th, when it moves into Taurus until the end of the month. This is a great time for you to have a family get together.

Mars is in your 4th solar house until the 16th then the drive will be having some fun.

Jupiter, is in Sagittarius all month. Retrograde (That is when a planet appears to move backwards across the sky) from 10th April for the rest of the month. Your career may not be as promising as it has been.

Saturn Retrograde all month. (That is when a planet appears to move backwards across the sky) all month. Any progress you have made through short cuts may come back to you this month.

Love and romance

The drive of Mars moves into your 5th solar house of fun on the 16th. You will want to be out enjoying yourself for the last two weeks, taking up new hobbies, doing what you want to do, expressing yourself freely. The conjunction between Venus and Uranus during the 3rd week may bring about some unexpected romantic connection. It may not be in the physical sense but through communication with someone, which may have romantic possibilities. Conversely, you may find that one of your siblings has set you up on blind date that has a surprising outcome.

After the 21st, the Sun and Mercury both start their journey through your 4th solar house, turning your attention to your domestic life. You will want to make your home more inviting and improve it some way.

At the end of the month, you will that your relationships are stable and good time for you to discuss any relationship issues that you have.

Prosperity and opportunity

The month starts with the potential of a windfall coming your way which will be the culmination of your previous efforts. You will want to push forward too and do more. You will not be very tolerant of anything or anyone who seeks to limit the scope of what you want to do. You would be wise not to be to domineering as you may need the help of other people further down the road and they not be willing if you upset them.

You will need to take care with your expenditure for the first 2 weeks of the month as Venus completes her journey through your house personal security. Money may seem to be illusive and come and go without any help from you. You may be tempted to spend on something that is luxurious and expensive, may be too expensive.

You may find that there you make some progress in your career and possibly increase your income potential in the 2nd week of the month.

General outlook

The month starts with a positive as Mars and Jupiter form an opposition. This is one of those times when you get a sudden windfall or benefit unexpectedly; conversely you may a decision that is based purely on an impulse. This could have an impact on one of two elements, either your home life or work.

The sun moves into your 4th solar house on the 21st, together with Mercury, shifting your attention tom your home life. This is a time when you will want to improve your domestic situation and make your home more welcoming, warming it up in some manner. The month ends on a relaxed note, feeling that you can take it easy for a day or two.