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Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future



The Lion’s Gate is the birth of a new and undeniably heightened level of dedication to our ascension process as individual human beings and also as a global entity.

The presence of the Lion’s Gate energy aligns with the heart centre and embodies the Leo traits of courage, strength, and expression.

Sweeping changes are being experienced by many so now is the time to harness this new energy.

We are pushed to let go of whatever isn’t serving our highest and best evolution.  Whether that’s toxic relationships, outdated ways of thinking, or the habit to downgrade our true purpose, we are all coming face-to-face with a reinvention point. The time is now so get the most out of the Lionsgate energy.

Understand that these transformative times are exciting as they offer incredible positive movement in soul growth and personal fulfilment, but they can feel turbulent and scary during the process.

So during this transformative process take care to always allow yourself some downtime. Perhaps meditate or take some time concentrating on your own personal goals. Consider what is important to you and slow down a little.

    • This offers a calmer arena to experience changes
    • Drink more water to experience those benefits
    • Rest and unplug from devices when possible
    • It can also make us feel fatigued on a physical, emotional, mental, and even soul-centred level.
    • It can also make us feel fatigued on a physical, emotional, mental, and even soul-centred level.
    • Do not engage in activities that you might find superficial or draining
    • Also be aware that this powerful energy can make us anxious, moody, suddenly sad (and then blissfully happy).

So if you feel exhausted, emotional, have sleep disruption, and are simply sensing that for some weird reason, life is not status quo, remember to take time to recalibrate and nurture yourself during this somewhat jarring transition.

Take a moment to write down what you would

    • like to heal in your life
    • wish to purge from your life
    • want to continue to develop and nurture
    • say that you love and adore about yourself

Then, consider how you can use your amazing uniqueness to usher in this new energy of love into the world.

Bring out your inner Leo to play, and see how it feels to infuse some ferocity into your world.

May we all roar our way through the Lions Gate!