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Libra Week Ahead

Libra – 25th July to 1st August

Career and status are very much on your mind this week.

There is a focus on your career and status at the moment. Many of your thoughts and ideas will centre on this area of your life. In general you will be feeling more optimistic about the future about how you can make progress, both in your career and on the domestic front. There is an element of over confidence or self-delusion, possibly thinking that the future is brighter than it is. You may have an unrealistic expectation where romance is concerned. You may think that by being sacrificial in a relationship, you somehow gain the moral high ground, however this is a strategy that is not likely to work in the longer term.

The end of the week sees a change of emphasis, in that you will want to be out in the world, socialising with other people, possibly more associated to groups, people who have similar views and ideas to yourself, rather than friends.

Last Week – Others needs may take precedence over your own.

The intensity of last week should be a little easier this week. There will still be tension between home and work but not to the same degree as last week. You may find that there some demands on the domestic front that limit what you can do in other areas of your life. If you have aging parents, then you may find their needs are taking precedence over your own.

Romantically, if you’re looking for someone new, then you may be attracted to someone from a different cultural background to your own. It may even be the culture itself that appeals to you, not just the person. This is good time for a social person such as yourself, as you will get a great deal of pleasure from meeting with friends and sharing time with them. There is also an element of mental aggression with you at the moment and you may find that you are pushing the limits with some people, especially if they are in a position of authority.

Celebrities born under Libra; Susan Sarandon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Matt Damon

Planetary ruler: Venus, Element: Air , Quality:  Cardinal God: Hera

Birth stone:Sapphire, Flower: Aster or Morning Glory


Romance reboot anyone? Vixen Venus, your cosmic ruler, is back in forward motion, and knowing you, Libra, you’re already making up for lost time. You might have fought more—and over silly things—or possibly realized the cracks in the foundation couldn’t be patched. Single Libras might have felt like they were wilting on the vine not being able to date in person. If you have a partner, you may have bickered a lot, perhaps reaching the point of no return.

Now that Venus is moving forward again, your love life can, too. Something new could blossom, and with the love planet cruising in high gear through Gemini and your optimistic ninth house until August 7, you’re open to new experiences and widening your horizons. In a parallel universe, this would be a perfect time for couples to reconnect through taking a romantic trip, but restrictions may be a physical barrier so romantic overtures instead please!