This is a week when you will be able to shine through your relationships, both personal and business. This is an excellent time for any business or contract negotiations. You will be able to bring your natural charm and warmth to the table.

In the middle of the week, the drive and energy of Mars moves into your house of career and status. This is a time for you to plan where you want to go and action it. But take your time and think it through properly as you feel as though you just want to get on with it, better to take your time.

Looking good for work and career prospects this month.


Planetary Movements

Sun starts the month in your house of relationships until the 18th when it moves into your more intimate 8th house. This promises to be a very intimate and passionate time.

The new Moon in your house of work at the start of the month is a good time for you start anything new in the work place.

Thoughts turn from partnerships to more intimate aspects of your relationships as Mercury, planet of communication moves into the dark and mysterious 8th house.

Venus makes the transit from your fun loving 5th house into the more mundane and dutiful 6th house of work at the start of the month.

Mars moves from the cultural 9th house to the career and professionally focused 10th house mid-month bringing with it all the creativity and ambition you need to make your mark.

Love and romance

This is potentially a really nice and romantic month for you, when you can feel closer to your partner and enjoy some intimate times. If there are any unresolved issues between you, then after the latter part of the month is a good time for to bring them out into the open and talk about them frankly and honestly.

If you’re looking for someone new, then you will want a certain intensity in your romantic involvements, you will want to feel it all on a deeper level than you have before.

Venus is moving through your house of work this month, which brings a certain amount of harmony to the working environment. There may be an opportunity for you make a connection with someone that you are connected to through work. You are likely to be quite critical about any prospective romantic liaisons and treat them more like someone that has come for a job. They will have to live up to your high standards in order to stand a chance with you at the moment. Play time is never far away for you and you will want to get out and let your hair down at the earliest opportunity.

Prosperity and opportunity

Mars moves into your house of career and professionalism mid-month. This is time when you will want to push forward and be more prepared to go after what you want. You will looking to the future and laying plans, considering how you can take them from the theory into reality. If you can find the right project to adopt then you will work very hard to make it happen, no matter how difficult if may seem to be. You will work best when you don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder, the more autonomy you have the happier you will be. There is a danger that you will ride rough shod over lesser mortals in your rush to get to the finish line.

Figures of authority may well see you as a threat in some manner and strive to curtail your progress. Obviously this can lead to some frustration. A better way to try and win through is to align your ambitions with those in power, thereby serving both ends and avoiding conflict. Challenges from those trying to impede is only likely to cause delays and may ultimately result in abandoning the project altogether.

General outlook

This has the potential to be an interesting month on a number of fronts. Personally, you are likely to want to feel more of a connection with your partner or if you are looking for someone, then you will want to know what the real person is like, not just what they are presenting to you. Your career is set to have an injection in the arm with the arrival of Mars driving things forward. Naked ambition may well show its head. This is a time for you to put your head down and get on with it. This may not sit well with you as you would prefer to be out having a good time. On a brighter note, you may just make a romantic connection with someone at work.