Gemini – Weekly Horoscopes and Month Ahead


28th September to 4th October

The sun continues its journey through your 5th solar house or house of fun. This is an excellent time for you to find a new romantic adventure, if you’re looking for one and have some uncomplicated fun. Your planetary ruler Mercury is also moving through the same sector of your chart at the moment, giving the aspect added impetus. From the 11th thought turns more towards your working environment and what you have to do on a day to day basis. Romantically, there is the potential for a liaison with someone you work with or know through work. Potentially very messy.

Other matters this week will have you in great humour and really appreciating the funny side of life. Laughter and irony will be your watchwords this week for you Gemini!

Positive Influences – Fun and Laughter

Hazards – Conflict

Signposts – Positive new beginnings


The sun starts in annual journey through your 4th solar house, focusing your attention onto your domestic environment. This is a time when you will want to concentrate your energies in this area of your life. You will be paying attention to the details, the little things around your home but take care not to get to engrossed with minutia and miss the bigger picture, what you are actually trying to achieve.

Your planetary ruler, Mercury finishes its journey through your 3rd solar house on 7th September, allowing you the mental space to concentrate on one thong rather than any number.


You may be inclined to take a risk in love or at the casino in the early part of the month. If you do take the chance, it is likely to result in a good deal of drama one way or another. It may be that when all is said and done, you are right back where you started.

After the 9th, there will be opportunities around you within your working environment, so if you have any plans to move your position forward this would be a good time to make your pitch. You are naturally popular and others will want to help you, especially as you will find the right words at the right time. You are a salesman, whether that’s what you do or not and if you are going to sell something, sell yourself. You will have insights into circumstances that will help you in understanding how to make your ideas work.


If you’re looking for some complicated romance, then this is a good time to go out and find it as Venus makes her way through your house of fun. You will be able to attract others to you without too much difficulty. You have a natural charm and easy way with you, others obviously want to be in your company. Your sharp mind and sense of humour will help captivate the object of your desire.

In general, you will be more playful in love and romance, wanting to have a fun time, whether you are in a relationship or not, this is a time to enjoy romance.

After the 9th September, romance becomes altogether a more serious affair. There is an intensity about any romantic connections. You may find you are attracted to someone that you work with or have a working connection to. Take care not to become the subject of office gossip.