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Four Planet Stellium in Taurus – The Sun, Venus and Mercury all join Uranus in the earthy sign of Taurus from the 20th May to 4th June 2021. The earth signs generally slow the pace down and take time which route to take and then stick to it through thick and thin. With Uranus in the mix, this will certainly speed things up, most likely without warning, bit like a bolt of lightning. You may have some control over events but it is most likely these will be well beyond your control and have a wider impact. Once the process starts it is not going to easy to stop it, as it may well develop a life of its own. If you know your rising sign then you will.

be able to assess for yourself which part of your life this will impact. For instance, if your rising sign is Leo, then this will impact your 10th solar house of career and status. With Venus being in the mix, you may find you have a strong desire to improve your status and decide to change your job or have an opportunity presented to. Uranus, the planet of change can bring a new romance into your life without warning, possibly involving someone you have a work or business link to. Whatever it is, this will take a while to play out.

How to find your rising sign/ascendant.

Your rising sign or ascendant is your outward expression to the world, the face you put on to meet it. This is different to your Sun sign. If you draw a circle and then draw a line from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock, that is the horizon. The sign that is at the 9 o’clock position is your rising sign or ascendant. The first house is at the 9 o’clock position and runs counter clock wise. There are plenty of free resources on line when you can find out what your rising sign is, all you need is your date of birth, time and place where you were born, such as Manchester, Brighton etc..

Hope that make sense.

Stellium’s in the houses:

Rising Sign/ Ascendant House Interpretation
Aries 2nd Personal security.

You will be putting a lot of energy and drive into this area of your life, perhaps too much at the expense of other things. Given that Uranus forms a crucial part of this stellium, it may be that whatever you have planned, something beyond your control will have a greater impact that you anticipate.

Taurus 1st Self.

You will be focusing your energy on you, most likely to the exclusion of all others. You may find that you are quite self-obsessed with your appearance and may be given to an extravagance or 2, especially where clothes are concerned. You are also likely to be looking for a break from the routine, looking for excitement.

Gemini 12th The unconscious/dreams.

This can be a challenging time as your unconscious mind may play tricks on you. You may feel like hiding away and having no contact with the outside world, preferring your own company. This may come on suddenly and go just as quickly but try not to isolate yourself.

Cancer 11th Aspirations, social conscience/groups/society.

You may want to merge into something bigger than yourself and become a part of that. You could literally fall in love with an ideal or the ethos of a group. You may also find love in that same group of like -minded people although it may not be lasting.

Leo 10th Career status.

There are likely to be changes here, some you may be aware of others could be a complete surprise to you. You will be more aware of your status now than possibly at other times and your desire to have the finer things in life will be strong.

Virgo 9th Further education, religion philosophy, foreign travel, culture.

This is an expansive placement, one where you will have the opportunity to expand your horizons. The expansion can be either in the physical sense or in the intellectual one. You look at new courses of learning or languages, possibly travel to foreign shores to experience the culture first hand.

Libra 8th Joint finances, regeneration, sex, inheritances, obsession.

There is a need to control life, not just yours but all those around you in some manner. You may develop an interest in anything that is hidden such as the occult and life after death. You may develop an obsession with a particular topic and immerse yourself in it

Scorpio 7th Relationships, lower courts, contracts.

You will find that there are changes in this area of life. You may find you lose one love, only to be replaced with another, both unexpectedly. You may feel that you want more independence or freedom within an existing relationship and you may think that someone else will offer you what you want.

Sagittarius 6th Work, service, health.

This is about not just being useful but feeling that you have done something worthwhile, of value. You could be asked to take on a new project or area of responsibility at work. You will want to achieve perfection in whatever you do. If this involves detailed analytical you will be more than up to the task. You may be concerned about your health and start a new regime of diet and exercise.

Capricorn 5th Children, creativity, drama, love affairs.

This can be a very creative period. Any creative work connected to a group will be very productive. You are also likely to feel quite childlike too and be more playful in general. If you have a complicated love life at the moment, then it is likely to get a whole lot more complicated under this transit. Whatever goes down, it is likely to be a drama.

Aquarius 4th The home, domestic arrangements, the past, the Mother.

You may find that your home life is disrupted, possibly through something as minor as everyday appliances breaking down but the disruption is likely to go beyond that. You may start to think about moving or see somewhere you would love to live. Your past may come back to you in some way, perhaps in the form of a past love or just memories. Relations with your Mother are likely to be more positive at the moment too.

Pisces 3rd Communications, neighbors, local area, siblings

You might find it difficult to switch off and talk too much. You are likely to have a lot to do with your local area and the people you live amongst. This is a time when you may make contact with your brothers and sisters that you may not have seen for some time. You will also be busier than usual talking to other people, whether that is face to face or using text.