DESTINED LOVERS: by Eleanor Grace - Eleanor Grace
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DESTINED LOVERS: by Eleanor Grace

Wild and Wonderful

So, we all know what a Lover is, don’t we? Yes that’s right, a lover is someone to make love with in the most intimate of ways. Hearts are pumping, hormones are popping and butterflies are floating around as we try to compose ourselves in anticipation of the event.

As adults we can all consent to experiencing passion in a physical and intimate capacity. We can dream about our perfect partner and how we will feel when touched and caressed. We can illuminate our imagination to such a peak that our expectations of the lover can be wild and wonderful. So, when are we going to meet such a person? Have we already met, or is my partner just a red herring?

How are we doing so far?

I am reminded of Jenny, who had a dream. Jenny felt that she would meet the most marvellous man who would love and adore her.

Jenny would be swept of her feet one day by a blinding, instantaneous attraction that would bind the two lovers together forever.

Yes I agree – a bit too much like the fairy stories we have all heard.

Let’s investigate further;

Our ideas of romance and true love go back thousands of years and only those that we have felt destined to be with have made the grade.

Napoleon Bonaparte wrote many romantic letters to Josephine who was enamoured by his attentions. This must surely be one of the most sentimental relationships in history, which also had passion and lust to the very core of their union.

Napoleon wrote;

 …..since I left you, I have been sad. I am only happy when by your side. Ceaselessly I recall your kisses, your tears, your enchanting jealousy; and the charms of the incomparable Joséphine keep constantly alight a bright and burning flame in my heart and senses.
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Many have described their relationship to be one of destiny, meaning that only those two people together, at that time, could experience such a range of intense feelings. They were therefore compelled to love each other and did so with the world watching.

Napoleon often referred to Josephine as his soulmate. And Josephine loved him deeply, albeit in the beginning it wasn’t easy for her to just be true to him alone.

She was a very, very popular lady, most certainly fulfilling the criteria of a lover!

Eventually they found themselves divorced from each other, but it was Josephine’s name that was the last word Napoleon ever uttered.

So was this relationship one of destiny?

Back to Jenny:

If Jenny was Josephine then her idea of love and marriage would have been satisfied at first, but the intensity of this relationship could never last. The bright burning flame would not be sustained even though the love that was felt was deep and true.

Fortunately Jenny grew up a bit and realised that a destined lover was actually someone who we could share a life with. Perhaps we would even make a vow of commitment to love that person as much as we could, no matter what.

Let’s see what the cards say;

The Tarot Card of the Lovers tells us that we will meet someone special very soon and the choice we have to make is all about which path to choose. Are you destined, forced or compelled to fall in love or are you about to enter into an illicit affair that you can not resist?

The Lovers Card tells us about the desires we feel and the sheer intensity of feeling that we are about to be exposed to.

When the Lovers card appears in your reading then it is time to consider your next step. Be careful about your emotions as you enter into a phase of sexuality and desire.

So, there we have it. Destiny is at play only when we meet a prospective lover at the right time. Who knows where this will lead? Well, you do….


Destiny and Star Crossed Lovers

Star crossed Lovers are often confused with destined lovers or the saying;

This love of ours is meant to be…

What is the difference? Star crossed lovers are said to be ‘thwarted by outside forces’ making the union tragic in some way or not meant to be!

William Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet that the couple were

“a pair of star crossed lovers” meaning that Romeo and Juliet were affected by a malign star making their relationship impossible. The external forces created the conflict and were interpreted as the stars working against the couple.

Nowadays we look to astrology in a more entertaining way ,making todays horoscopes not quite so absolute!

Destiny? Is your future lover pre- determined, fated or meant to be?

Many people hang on to this concept and it is very true that a huge number of us fall in love with the perfect person at the perfect time. Does it last? History tells us to be cautious, but I believe we should all be as optimistic as possible and grab all the love and affection that we can!

Love binds us together and allows us that emotional freedom to fully reach our potential and strive towards our dreams. Nothing wrong with that, I hear you say.

So, Napoleon was the perfect romantic and Josephine the famous lover. Romeo and Juliet were star crossed and Jenny?

Well Jenny sorted herself out, married her man and she lived happily ever after..?

Really? she really did.