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Planets for Air Signs

Mercury in Aries until 4th April, then Taurus.

Venus in Taurus until 12th April and then Gemini

Mars In Cancer all month.

Jupiter in Aries all month.

Sun in Aries until 21st April, Then Taurus.

Phases of the Moon

First quarter:   Cancer, Thursday 27th April, Time to set your intentions

Full moon:        Libra Thursday 6th April , Make a wish today…

Third quarter:  Capricorn Thursday 13th April,    , Reflect on your progress…

New Moon:      Aries Thursday 20th April , Make a new start today…



Week one

General outlook

You are likely to be feeling quite optimistic generally. You may well have interesting ideas and be more prepared than usual to take a gamble. As with all gambles, if you win that’s great but if you lose you have to be prepared to take the loss. If you find yourself in this situation, you should exercise some caution and not risk everything on the roll of the dice.

Love and Romance

You may find that you have moments of romantic idealism that take you away from the day to day existence. If you have a fantasy that you want to play out, perhaps now is the time for you to see about making it happen. If you are feeling a little restricted in your love life you may decide that you want some more freedom to be who you want to be.

Prosperity and Opportunity

Your planet ruler Mercury forms positive aspects to both Saturn and Mars. You are likely to be doing a good deal of thinking and talking about your ideas and projects. Some of these are likely to be quite grand scale not to mention optimistic. However, the realism of Saturn will keep you grounded Stop you wandering too far from the beaten path.



Week one

General outlook

This is a great time for you to catch up with friends old and new. If you have any social plans coming up then you are likely to enjoy the time spent with those you care about. Generally speaking you are likely to feel quite optimistic and upbeat about life. If there is something that you have on your bucket list, but have never had the courage to do it, maybe now you will feel like taking the challenge on.

Love and Romance

Your planetary ruler Venus has been in close aspect to the planet of change, Uranus. You may have been looking for some excitement in your love life and freedom to express yourself. You may well be open to some new ideas or experimentation where you relationship is concerned, But you should take care as it may not turnout the way you think it will.

Prosperity and Opportunity

In some ways this is a time of when your ideas and projects come to there culmination. That does not mean to say that other people will readily accept your progress and ambition. You should take care not to cross your superiors or those in authority. If you do, you may find their opposition difficult to fight against.



Week one

General outlook

Pluto moved into your sign in the latter half of last month. There is a danger that you can become fixated on a single idea and thought, to the exclusion of all others. This may result in you becoming a bit repetitive. This may go even further, whereby you try and force your views and ideas onto others without any real consideration of their thoughts or opinions.

Love and Romance

You may find that you have a desire for some excitement where your romantic life is concerned. Generally, you have an open mind to new ideas and will consider anything. You could be prepared take a chance on a new type of relationship but as is often the case, in the end, it may not be quite what you expect.

Prosperity and Opportunity

This is a good time for you to start any form of study, especially if it involves anything that is hidden or covert. Subjects such as psychology or the occult may have an interest for you. You are not likely to accept any excuses that are superficial, you will want to know what lies beneath and dig into it until such times as you feel satisfied.


June Horoscopes


A time to reassess your aspirations.


This likely to be quite an intense time for you. You may find that the pace of life is quite quick, especially regarding personal finances and communications. Mercury starts its transit of your 3rd solar house mid month which further intensifies this section of your chart. Your intellectual interest is likely to be heightened and you will want to communicate to as moany people as possible.

With Venus in your sign all month you will want to invest in yourself; make the most of what you have. You will be able to attract others to you easily with a warm persona that welcomes other people quite naturally.

You may find there is some confusion over social arrangements during the first week which may lead to some cross words.

The Sun Moves into your 2nd solar house of personal security on the 20th of the month. You will be thinking more about what constitutes your own personal security and how you can improve this area of your life.

Planetary Movements

The Sun has starts its annual journey through your sign on the 20th of the month and stays there for the rest of the month.

Full Moon, on 5th June in Sagittarius, is a time to draw projects to a close, especially ones connected to partnerships.

New moon, 21st June in your sign of Gemini makes it a great time for new beginnings, especially where romantic interests are concerned.

Venus is in your sign until the end of the month. You will want to look your best no matter what the occasion.

Mars is in Pisces until the 28th. Plans and aspirations will be high on your to do list; a great time for you to lay down plans regarding where you want to be.

Jupiter in Capricorn all month. Joint finances are likely to be expansive for you, although you may need to make some changes.

Saturn in Capricorn all month. A feeling of karma about this placement. You may feel that your career is stuck.

Love and romance

Romantically this is a great time for you to attract a new love to you; conversely, you may find that you are simply attracting old loves or the same type of person you have known before.

The beginning of the 2nd week of the month sees a tension between Mars and Venus which may lead to some disagreements with someone you are close to. This is likely to have arisen from a misunderstanding or confusion.

There is an intensity about your personal relationships at the moment. In many ways there has been a revolution going on under the surface with you for a little while now. There will be times when you want to take control and others when you will be happy to submit. What you won’t be happy to do is accept circumstances at face value. This can be an adventurous and exciting time for you; a time when you can change your thinking about the norms of intimate relationships.

Prosperity and opportunity

Trying to move forward in your career is likely to feel a bit like trying to drive a car with the brakes on. The cautious Saturn is placed firmly in your house of career and will only move when all the factors align. You may find that you are attracted to someone who can help in your career.

From the 20th onwards, the Sun moves into your 2nd solar house of personal security. You will be thinking a good deal about your financial security and how to improve your position. You will have plenty of ideas and may seek advice from a professional. It may not be that you lack ideas but that you have too many and you are unsure as to which one is the right one.

The end of the month sees Mars move from the watery sign of Pisces to the more dynamic and natural astrological home of Aries. This will give new impetus to your aspirations.


Time for you to plan your career for the next year.

General outlook

Higher learning is very much part of this month. There is an opportunity for you to expand your horizons either intellectually through reading, using the internet or by meeting people from different cultures. Whichever of these methods apply to you, the outcome will be the same; you will gain knowledge.

There is an interesting aspect between Mercury and Uranus around the 8th. You are likely to be very creative and imaginative, have some interesting and possibly off the wall ideas but valid. If there are elements of your life that you want to change, then this a good time for you do it.

Mid-month sees a positive aspect form between Jupiter and Mars. Mentally, you will be feeling pretty upbeat and optimistic about the future. If you have any dealings with authorities around this time, they are likely to be positive.

The Sun moves into your 10th solar house on the 20th bringing a change of emphasis. You will be more focused on career your status. This is a good time for you think about the next 12 months in terms of your career and where you want to take it.

Planetary Movements

The Sun is moving through the philosophical and spiritual 9th solar house until the 20th .when it moves onto the more business orientated 10th house.  Full Moon, on 5th June in the fellow fire sign of Sagittarius, is a time to draw any creative projects or written works to a close.

New moon, 21st June in your sign of Gemini makes it a great time for new beginnings, especially connected to travel and expanding your horizons.

Venus is in your 9th solar house until the end of the month. You may find you are attracted to some one that you has a different cultural background to your own.

Mars is in Pisces until the 28th, when moves onto your house of career and status. The focus shifts from work and service to relationships..

Jupiter in Capricorn all month in your 4th solar house. An expansive time for domestic life.

Saturn in Aquarius all month. A feeling of karma about this placement as it starts it transit of your house relating to domestic arrangements.


Love and romance

Venus, your planetary ruler is transiting your 9th solar house. The Sun forms a conjunction with the Venus at the start of the month. This can be an idyllic time for you in many regards as you are likely to want to be on far off shores relaxing and taking it easy.

You may feel that you want a new freedom, a time when you are less concerned about what others think of you; being more concerned with being able to do what you want to do.

After sometime in retrograde motion (That is when a planet appears to move backwards across the sky) Venus regains forward motion at the end of the month. If you have felt as though you have been treading water, then you may finally make some progress of your own on the romantic front.

Prosperity and opportunity

Work and service rather than career are likely to dominate at the moment. Mid-month the accent will shift and you will focused more on career and business.

You are likely to have been putting a lot of effort into your work of late, perhaps a little too much. You may find that you are drawn into a disagreement connected to work and there is a differing of views. It may stem from a misunderstanding and confusion.

There is a positive aspect between the Mars and Jupiter during the 3rd week of the month. There is a good deal of optimism about but not so much so that you overlook the details. Any projects started at this time will have a good chance of success because of all the work you will have put in previously.

The last week of the month is a good time for you to make progress in your career and move forward. You may be asked to take on a new role or project and step into the spotlight. This is also a time of year when you may make plans in this area of your life for the next 12 months.


An intense time on the domestic front.

General outlook

Your domestic life is likely to be quite intense. There is likely to be quite a bit of activity in this area of your life. You may be considering making some improvements to your home, perhaps changing the décor of soft furnishings.

The Sun moves from your 4th solar house to the 5th around the 8th. The change moves your focus from the domestic situation to the more enjoyable pleasure and leisure 5th house. This change is good for interacting with children, which in tur may bring out the child in you.

The Sun forms a difficult aspect to Mars. Take care not to be overly assertive and get into arguments with other people, especially those in authority. You should make sure that you have the facts before launching into a full blown assault as it may be that it is a simple confusion.

The Sun moves from the talkative Gemini into the more sensitive Cancer on the 20th. Although there is still a certain amount of intensity about the pace of life, you are likely to less out going that you have been.

Planetary Movements

The Sun starts the month in your 4th house, then moving into the 5th, your house of creativity and pleasure. This can be a very positive time for any creative projects.

Full Moon, on 5th June in your 11th solar house, is a time to draw any social projects to a close.

New moon, 21st June in your sign of Gemini makes it a great time for new beginnings, especially connected to any creative projects.

Mercury starts the month in your 5th solar house, then moves onto you house or work. Pleasure and leisure changes to work and service.

Venus is in Gemini until the end of the month. You will be looking at how you can improve your home and make them more luxurious.

Mars is in Pisces and your 2nd solar house of personal security. At the end of the month it moves into the more dynamic sign of Aries.

Jupiter in Capricorn all month moving through your 12th solar house.

Saturn in Aquarius all month in your 1st solar house of self.

Love and romance

They say that home is where is the heart is and that is certainly case with you. You will be quite happy to stay at home feel the love from those around you. There is an element of the lavish here and if you are entertaining, then you are likely to it big style.

If you are looking for a new romance, then this is good time for you to find one. Your will be naturally radiant and attract other people to you without too much effort. You will be more interested in having a good time then domestic chores or work.

On the 15th there is a positive aspect between the Sun and the Moon. This is a good time for any new romance as the ego and emotion are combined. There is a laid back feel around this time too; a time when you may be more interested in kicking back going with the flow.

This is a time of stability and generally a slower pace in your romantic life. If you are in a relationship at the moment, then you are likely to be happy to maintain the status quo. You are unlikely to make demands and be the extreme person that you can be.

Prosperity and opportunity

Mars is moving through your 2nd solar house at the moment. Whilst the creativity and energy that Mars exudes is generally quite high, you may have a lot of ideas that you will consider to improve your personal security, some of them may lead you into disagreements with others.

There is a positive aspect between Mars and Pluto. You have an opportunity to make some real progress with your long term goals, however you should be absolutely clear about what you want to achieve. There is a risk that there will be an element of confusion and a certain lethargy.

You should take that what you think is an opportunity really is and just an illusion. The drive of and optimism of Jupiter may blind you to the real positon. You may also find that there is some confusion around finance generally and fin that resources are slipping through your fingers.

The end of the month sees Mars move into Aries, its natural astrological home. This change brings a more dynamic energy to your 2nd house of personal security. This is likely tom be a time when you push forward with your longer terms plans, whilst there may be some objections to overcome, this is likely to an easier route than at the start of the month.