CAPRICORN – Week Ahead plus Valentines Month of February

Week Ahead 10th to 17th February

This is a time for you to put on your going out out stuff and join in the fun. You will able to attract others to you without too much effort but you will want to look your best at all times. Even if you are just going to the local shop, you will make the effort to look good. Romantically, any connections made at this time are likely to be enduring, they not burn bright but they smolder for a long time.

As Mars changes from your domestic arrangements to the house of fun towards the end of the week, you can take the opportunity to get out of the day to day and enjoy yourself.

Month Ahead

This is a time of change for you!

Planetary Movements

Sun starts the month in your house of personal wealth and security until the 18th when it moves into your house of communication. Money may come and go in unusual ways this month.

The new Moon in your sign is a fantastic time for you start something new, something just for you.

Mercury focus’s your mind on personal wealth and security until the end of the 2nd week. You will be thinking about money and how you can improve this area of your life.

Venus makes the transit into your 1st house at the start of the month. You will be able to draw others to you; time for a makeover.

Mars moves into your house of fun from mid-month and from your house of domesticity. Time for you to get out into the world and have fun.

Love and romance

The last two weeks of the month is a time when you can get out into the world and enjoy yourself. You may consider joining a new group or taking up a hobby, either way it will put you in contact with others and from that can come the opportunity for romance. You are instinctively aware of the harsh realities of life but this is a time when you shake off the melancholy and let your hair down.

Venus in your first house moves into close contact with your planetary ruler Saturn in the third week of the month. Any romantic connection made at this time is likely to one that endures and will have a deep and permanent impact on you. This is followed by another combination of Venus and Pluto. A romantic connection at this time is likely to be a very powerful event and one which will not easily be forgotten. For one that values the status quo, you may not find this easy but it will be hard to resist.

Prosperity and opportunity

If you want to persuade people to go with you on project, then this is a good time to do it. Venus will give you the natural charm and warmth that will convince them that your ideas are at the very least worth looking at. You will instinctively have the right words for the situation and be able to convince others to go with you.

With the Sun moving through your house of personal wealth and security your focus will be very much onto what you have in the material sense. As an earth sign, you very much identify with the physical world and value that which you own. You may be considering how to increase your income by looking at taking on a second job or pushing for more money in your present position, even it means more hours or responsibility.

You may be tempted in parting with some of your hard earned cash by making an investment into an item that you hope will appreciate in the future.

General outlook

There is a lot going on with right now, with Venus, Saturn and Pluto all being in your sign this month. This a time of change for you, one where you could see romance arrive at your door as if by command. The change may not be dramatic but slow and purposeful, change that is deep seated and permanent. Venus will draw other people to you, and you will want to look your best, hair make up and nails all done just to go to the local shop. You will want to invest in yourself and make the most of your assets.

The new Moon always signifies the start of a new cycle. The new Moon at the start of the month occurs in your sign and should give you the confidence to get out and make contact as this is a great time for you start a new relationshi