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Planets for Air Signs

Mercury in Aries until 4th April, then Taurus.

Venus in Taurus until 12th April and then Gemini

Mars In Cancer all month.

Jupiter in Aries all month.

Sun in Aries until 21st April, Then Taurus.

Phases of the Moon

First quarter:   Cancer, Thursday 27th April, Time to set your intentions

Full moon:        Libra Thursday 6th April , Make a wish today…

Third quarter:  Capricorn Thursday 13th April,    , Reflect on your progress…

New Moon:      Aries Thursday 20th April , Make a new start today…



Week one

General outlook

You are likely to be feeling quite optimistic generally. You may well have interesting ideas and be more prepared than usual to take a gamble. As with all gambles, if you win that’s great but if you lose you have to be prepared to take the loss. If you find yourself in this situation, you should exercise some caution and not risk everything on the roll of the dice.

Love and Romance

You may find that you have moments of romantic idealism that take you away from the day to day existence. If you have a fantasy that you want to play out, perhaps now is the time for you to see about making it happen. If you are feeling a little restricted in your love life you may decide that you want some more freedom to be who you want to be.

Prosperity and Opportunity

Your planet ruler Mercury forms positive aspects to both Saturn and Mars. You are likely to be doing a good deal of thinking and talking about your ideas and projects. Some of these are likely to be quite grand scale not to mention optimistic. However, the realism of Saturn will keep you grounded Stop you wandering too far from the beaten path.



Week one

General outlook

This is a great time for you to catch up with friends old and new. If you have any social plans coming up then you are likely to enjoy the time spent with those you care about. Generally speaking you are likely to feel quite optimistic and upbeat about life. If there is something that you have on your bucket list, but have never had the courage to do it, maybe now you will feel like taking the challenge on.

Love and Romance

Your planetary ruler Venus has been in close aspect to the planet of change, Uranus. You may have been looking for some excitement in your love life and freedom to express yourself. You may well be open to some new ideas or experimentation where you relationship is concerned, But you should take care as it may not turnout the way you think it will.

Prosperity and Opportunity

In some ways this is a time of when your ideas and projects come to there culmination. That does not mean to say that other people will readily accept your progress and ambition. You should take care not to cross your superiors or those in authority. If you do, you may find their opposition difficult to fight against.



Week one

General outlook

Pluto moved into your sign in the latter half of last month. There is a danger that you can become fixated on a single idea and thought, to the exclusion of all others. This may result in you becoming a bit repetitive. This may go even further, whereby you try and force your views and ideas onto others without any real consideration of their thoughts or opinions.

Love and Romance

You may find that you have a desire for some excitement where your romantic life is concerned. Generally, you have an open mind to new ideas and will consider anything. You could be prepared take a chance on a new type of relationship but as is often the case, in the end, it may not be quite what you expect.

Prosperity and Opportunity

This is a good time for you to start any form of study, especially if it involves anything that is hidden or covert. Subjects such as psychology or the occult may have an interest for you. You are not likely to accept any excuses that are superficial, you will want to know what lies beneath and dig into it until such times as you feel satisfied.