APRIL 2023 - HOROSCOPES - Eleanor Grace
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Planets for Fire Signs

Sun in Aries until 21st April, Then Taurus.

Mercury in Aries until 4th April, then Taurus.

Venus in Taurus until 12th April and then Gemini

Mars In Cancer all month.

Jupiter in Aries all month.

Phases of the Moon

First quarter:    Cancer, Thursday 27th April, Time to set your intentions

Full moon:         Libra Thursday 6th April, Make a wish today…

Third quarter:   Capricorn Thursday 13th April, , Reflect on your progress…

New Moon:        Aries Thursday 20th April, Make a new start today…


Week one

General outlook

With the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury all moving through your sign at the moment, this is your time to shine. Not a time for you hide your light away. If you have big plans, now is the time for you to move them forward and make them real. Your natural attention to detail will serve you well when it comes to laying down future plans.

Love and Romance

This is a sensual time for you, one where you will be aware of aromas and the feel of fabric against your skin. You will also appreciate the beauty in objects, not just works of art but on all sorts of things and people too. You are more likely to be attracted to that which is unusual in some manner or shows a different side to something. Emotionally, there may be a bit of an upset at the start of the week but it will soon pass.

Prosperity and Opportunity

This is a time for big plans but not forgetting the detail, in fact you will be very aware of the detail. You will be prepared to work methodically towards the end goal and not be in a rush to get there. You will have learned lessons form the past and be applying these to your future plans now. There will be a good deal of focus and energy expended in creating  your plan.


General outlook

Being fixed sign, you don’t always deal with change well. You tend to want to stay with what you know, where you feel safe. Unfortunately you are going to be challenged in the coming months and years and there is little you can do about it as the changes will be much wider than just you. If you are able to go with the flow, you may find the process easier to come to terms with.

Love and Romance

Relationships are likely to come under the spotlight too. If there are cracks that have been papered over, they are likely to be exposed. In these circumstances, you will need to deal with them once and for all, for better or worse as the saying goes. You never know, you may come out the other side fitter and stronger than you went in.

Prosperity and Opportunity

You may be asked to take on a new role or step into the limelight in some way, perhaps take on a new project. You are likely to be thinking big and looking at what the possibilities are but this is not likely to be a headlong rush into the unknown in search of some utopia. You will be paying attention to the detail and learning from past mistakes too.


General outlook

This is a very positive time for you, one where you are likely to be feeling pretty upbeat and ready to take in the world. You are likely to be open to new experiences and want to include as many of them as you can. So, this is not a time for you to sit back and watch the world go by, definitely not a time to be a spectator.

Love and Romance

If you have been feeling a little restricted in your love life, you maty decide now is the time for you to make some changes, try something else. Just be careful what you wish for because you may get it. You may find that a different life style or someone that represents that, appeals to you. You may find that there is an emotional upset at the start of the week.

Prosperity and Opportunity

Never one to be frightened of taking a risk, you may feel even more emboldened than usual. You will be thinking about ideas that are big and looking to make progress, however you are not likely to be as reckless as you may appear to be. You are likely to take into account the lessons from the past and be aware of the pitfalls.