Aquarius - Weekly Horoscope & Month Ahead for September - Eleanor Grace
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Aquarius – Weekly Horoscope & Month Ahead for September


  7th September to 14th September

The fire of Mars comes back into you sign on the 12th of the month, bringing with it energy, drive and creativity. It can also be accompanied by aggression and force. When this is mixed with our mental detachment, it can result in you perhaps being too harsh on those who incur your wrath.

Your thoughts will be very much around your personal and intimate relationships. You will want to delve beneath the surface and find out what’s really going on. You will not be satisfied with glib or superficial answers. This is a great time to enter into research projects that require focused and detailed work.

If you’re looking for someone new then you may be attracted to someone who is older, more established, possibly an entrepreneur or someone that has status. You make the connection through work or a colleague. It may be an intense but short lived experience that opens your eyes to other possibilities and new horizons besides your own reality.

Positive Influences – Relationships

Hazards – Secrecy

Signposts – Love


This month is very much about personal and intimate relationships. This is a time when you will want to feel closer to your partner, both physically and emotionally. It can be an intense time, one where you will alternate between wanting to be in control and wanting to be controlled.

There is a change of emphasis after the 23rd when your thoughts are likely towards distant shores and want to make plans to get away or maybe take a last minute deal. This can be a time when feel as though your life is in balance.


You have the potential to expand your professional horizons this month as both Jupiter and Venus make their way through your house of career and status. If you want to move forward in your career, then this is a good time for you put your ideas out there.

You will have the right words to convince others that your ideas are worth trying, even if it’s just on a trial basis. Opportunities may come to you through people that are in positions of authority or are more established than you. You may find that doors that were previously closed to you, are now open. The more effort you put in, the more you’ll get back. If you have a specific goal in mind, you may find that it is that bit closer now.

Travel with work is also quite likely too. This is not likely to be local travel, more likely international.


As one who has an altruistic view on humanity, you generally do not see the differences in people in terms of colour or race. If you’re looking for someone new, you may find that you are attracted to someone who has a different culturally background to your own. It is likely to be someone who is well educated and may be connected to law or education at a higher level.

You may find you are attracted someone whom you have a work connection to. They maybe older and more successful than you. If you do make the connection, it is likely to be a very intense, clandestine and a passionate encounter but necessarily long lasting. There will be an element of secrecy about the whole thing. There may be no particular reason for it other than you don’t see that it is anyone else’s business but your own.