A Psychic walks into a bar - Eleanor Grace
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Illuminatingyour future
Revealingthe unexpected

Revealing the unexpected & Illuminating your future

A Psychic walks into a bar

into his personal fitness. “Yes! He’s a gym
instructor and body-builder!” I say. She
sees that my husband, a composer with a
musical currently in development, is about
to be greeted by a massively successful
creative project (hurrah!) And for me,
“some twists and turns but then suddenly…
’lift off’”. One of the most random things
is linked with fashion, but not my usual
hippy-chic eco style. “I can see you
involved in something connected with
high fashion, perhaps even with royalty.”
For a boho type like me, that really will be
interesting to see if it comes to fruition.
Other information is too personal to reveal
– but let’s just say it was spot on.

Clarity and calm
I can see how this could become quite
addictive. Eleanor agrees, telling me that
some people do come back regularly.
One woman, Debbie, who has been to a
Psychic Night several times, was one of
them. As Debbie finishes her reading, she
tells me how she feels about coming to
Psychic Nights. “These guys are good. The
regular readings help me get clarity, it
feels relaxed in here, and I’m very happy to
come on my own.” I leave the pub excited
about what the future will bring.

Eleanor Grace

runs Psychic Nights at pubs all over
the UK. Pre-booked appointments
are not essential and readings start
from £30. Bookings and enquiries
can be made via email, Facebook
Messenger or text on 07791 947371.
To discover your local Psychic Night
event, go to gracedestiny.com